United States--1989

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  • 23 January 1989: At the annual NAPTE event, Lionheart continues to push the 522 half hours of Doctor Who that it has to offer...

  • By the middle of the year, the 25th anniversary season goes into syndication:

SYLVESTER McCOY (continued)

Four stories, 14 episodes (also in "movie length" omnibus editions):

7H Remembrance of the Daleks 4
7L The Happiness Patrol 3
7K Silver Nemesis 3
7J The Greatest Show in the Galaxy 4
  • By the end of the year, more and more PBS stations are dropping the series because it is becoming too expensive, and Lionheart is forcing them to purchase the Tom Baker stories again as part of the package of fresh episodes. As a consequence, the McCoy stories do not sell as widely as those of the other Doctors.