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The omnibus version of episodes 13-14 had a new title caption in a different typeface
The omnibus version of episodes 13-14 had a new combined writers caption in a different typeface

COLIN BAKER (continued)

One story, 14 episodes (also as four "movie length" omnibus editions):

The Trial of a Time Lord 14
7A The Mysterious Planet 4
7B Mindwarp 4
7C Terror of the Vervoids 4
7C The Ultimate Foe 2

- Since episodes 13 and 14 each had a different writer credit, the omnibus version had a replacement caption made naming all three together, with a slightly different typeface; this was done (presumably by Lionheart) so the format of the story title and combined writers captions matched.

  • By early 1987, Lionheart declares that Doctor Who is available in over 185 markets across the US.
  • 28 February 1987: Sylvester McCoy joins John Nathan-Turner and Jon Pertwee on the Doctor Who USA Tour at Mercer University in Macon, Georgia; this is his debut public appearance following his casting as the seventh Doctor, three days ahead of his "official" announcement in the UK!
Doctor Who Celebration & Tour 87-88 brochure, proclaiming over 185 US markets
  • By June 1987, it is reported that Doctor Who is seen potentially by 74% of the country. By September it is announced that over 200 markets have screened the series. However, Lionheart starts hiking up the price for Doctor Who, triggering a backlash that sees a number of PBS stations dropping the series for being too expensive... (By 1987, a package of episodes (number unknown) was costing over $126,000!)
  • By September 1987, the long-running FASA Doctor Who role-playing game is cancelled.