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Variety, 16 June 1982 ad

  • 21 March 1982, members from the DWFCA help raise funds for the KRMA PBS station. By June 1982 the club boasted 1,200 members. In three months, membership had climbed to 3,000 – making the club the largest Doctor Who fan organisation in the world. By February 1983, it claimed 7,500 members. The club enjoyed a special relationship with the BBC and Lionheart, and produced its own line of merchandise, including unlicensed t-shirts, badges and publications.

  • 16 June 1982: Variety Magazine features a front page ad for the 41 Tom Baker omnibus serials - calling it a SCI-FI FILM FESTIVAL; the ad also publicises the upcoming Panopticon West convention.

  • 16-18 July 1982: At the Panopticon West II convention in Chicago, John Nathan-Turner announces that "20 markets" had pre-purchased 78 Peter Davison episodes (the equivalent of three seasons of 26 episodes), which will be available from January 1983. Those markets include Stamford (there are several such cities; we don't know which State this one is), Kansas City, Nashville, Charlotte, Schenectady, Wilmington and Winston-Salem:


Seven stories, 26 episodes (also in "movie length" omnibus editions):

5Z Castrovalva 4
5W Four to Doomsday 4
5Y Kinda 4
5X The Visitation 4
6A Black Orchid 2
6B Earthshock 4
6C Time-Flight 4
Variety, 25 August 1982 ad
  • By the end of 1982, Lionheart announces that Doctor Who is watched by 9 million viewers in the US.
  • Membership to the DWFCA continues to grow:
Doctor Who Fan Club of America advert, DWM 98, March 1985
Doctor Who Fan Club of America advert, DWM 105, October 1985
DWFCA badge