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Stations in 1990; Whovian Times #19
  • From March 1990: The final season of Doctor Who goes into syndication, but only a few stations pick it up, such as New Jersey Network, Houston and KTCA. (Another was possibly KNME in New Mexico). They are instructed not to air it until 1991. After the stations complain, they are given release to air the stories in 1990:
  • Issue # 19 of Whovian Times (Summer 1990) featured a long list of the PBS stations still carrying Doctor Who.
    • There were 59 stations identified, although it would appear that the list was not entirely accurate with regards some of the call-letters and cities or states: for instance Allentown is not in Missouri (it's in Pennsylvania), and there are no stations called "WGVI" in Missouri (which is a Western state, and therefore the station name should start with "K"); it's possible that WGVI is a miss-reading of "WLVT", which is a station serving Allentown. There is also no station called the "PTV Network" in Pennsylvania, at least not that we are aware of...
  • The same issue reports that Lionheart's contract with PBS expires in 1992, and that the distributor was looking at cable stations, such as the up and coming Sci-Fi Channel or the Eastern Educational Network (EEN), to become the new home for the series. In the event, Sci-Fi Channel "won" the deal...

SYLVESTER McCOY (continued)

Four stories, 14 episodes (also in "movie length" omnibus editions):

7N Battlefield 4
7Q Ghost Light 3
7M The Curse of Fenric 4
7P Survival 3

- For reasons unknown, Battlefield does not screen on WTTW in Chicago.

  • 25-28 May 1990: The first of the Gallifrey One conventions is held in Los Angeles.