The Trial of a Time Lord

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Story Code: 7A / Season 23 UK Airdate: 6 Sep to 6 Dec 1986 Doctor: Colin Baker
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Published listings for The Trial of a Time Lord, for KRMA, Colorado, August 1987, using original working or novelisation titles!

This story is made up of four separate narratives, with 'official' alternative titles; in the case of the last two 'stories' the titles were created for the novelisations:

  • 7A - The Mysterious Planet (parts one to four)
  • 7B - Mindwarp (parts five to eight)
  • 7C - Terror of the Vervoids (parts nine to twelve)
  • 7C - The Ultimate Foe (parts thirteen to fourteen)

This 14-part story aired in the following known countries. They are listed in chronological order according to known airdate. If no month is noted, the actual airdate is not confirmed, and is a close approximate. (Refer also to Selling Doctor Who for expanded airdates.)

United States Jan 87 NTSC
Australia Feb 87 PAL
Canada Oct 88 NTSC
United Arab Emirates Oct 88 PAL
New Zealand Jan 90 PAL
Germany Feb 95 PAL
  • The Australian broadcaster edited pairs of episodes together and screened the story as a 7-parter in 1987, however for its first and only-ever repeat in 2005, they showed two unedited episodes back-to-back.
  • This story was dubbed into German.
  • Some of the US newspapers listed the series under the titles adopted for the novelisations, such as these ones here for KRMA in Colorado. Papers that featured listings for South Carolina Educational Television also used the alternatives in 1987.
Listing for the first episode of 'Trial of a Time Lord' on South Carolina Educational TV, 7 Nov 1987
Seven Magazine, KUED, Utah, Dec. 1990

US TV Guide descriptions

More Information
Title: The Trial of a Time Lord

  • Episode 1: The Doctor faces death when the Time Lords of Gallifrey place him on trial for interfering in galactic affairs.
  • Episode 2: As the case against him concludes, the Doctor suspects that his friends may have betrayed him; Kiv, the leader of one of the Doctor's old enemies, needs a new body for his large brain—and Peri is the chosen donor.
  • Episode 3: A distress call sends the Doctor and his new assistant Melanie in search of a murderer on the Hyperion III.
  • Episode 4: After the Valeyard in exposed as a regenerative form of the Doctor's dark side, the two engage in a battle of wits.

When broadcast episodically, the above blurbs were used for episodes 1, 5, 9 and 13. The others had only the cast.