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Doctor Who is available around the world 24/7 on a number of subscription-based, pay-per-view and freeview TV-on-demand and streaming platforms, accessed through apps such as iPlayer via devices - i.e. TVs, PCs, tablets and phones - connected to the internet.

Currently (as of late 2019), the New Series (2005 to date) and a selection of Classic serials (1963 to 1989) can be accessed online, although some of these sites are geo-blocked for the US and/or UK only.


Classic Doctor Who on BritBox

The following sites have just the New Series available to buy or rent:


The following sites have the New Series but also had or still have Classic series on offer, although rights restrictions have limited what stories are available:

Although the number of stories supplied by each provider was different, there was a small list of a dozen or so common titles that they all had, which suggests that the BBC had cleared the "online rights" on those particular serials to form a base minimum "streaming package".

Most of the stories featuring the Daleks were absent from the sites due to ongoing rights problems. And most bizarrely, some of the providers who offered the Key to Time season couldn't supply all the serials, with The Stones of Blood usually missing from the selection.

Only one site that we know of had the rights to the entire back-catalogue of Classic series stories, and that was BritBox. BBC Store was a close second, having most of but not all the 1963 to 1989 run of stories on its menu for the brief period that it was operating.

Many of the streaming sites listed here had to remove the series from their catalogues during 2023 when Disney+ secured the global distribution rights to Doctor Who.

The ones that offered / offer the Classic series and have a dedicated page on this site are linked below.