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Since 2005, a number of (but certainly not all) the New Series episodes of Doctor Who have been available on the in-flight entertainment systems of various airlines flying international and domestic routes, but only a handful of Classic series stories are known to have been offered as on-demand viewing at cruising altitude.

Airlines usually acquire the rights to screen episodes for a limited period of time, usually one year. Often an airline would only have a selection of episodes from each series, rather than all the episodes - for example, in 2011, Air New Zealand had the Matt Smith episode The Impossible Astronaut, but did not also have Day of the Moon!

Stories In-Flight

Season 12 was available on Air Canada flights in 2014
Season 12 was available on Cathay Pacific flights in 2014

The Paul McGann TV Movie was the first edition of Doctor Who to be licenced for showing by airlines, with only two carriers known to have had it on their flights:

In 2014, two airlines are known to have offered all of season 12 - Tom Baker's first year as the Doctor:

It is likely that other airlines also had these episodes, especially if the BBC had sold that season as a special "package" for playing on aircraft.

In early 2016, some Sylvester McCoy episodes were available on at least one international carrier: