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BBC STORE was a UK-only video-on-demand service, launched on 5 November 2015. It enabled customers to purchase via the store website "digital DVD" copies of a vast selection of programming out of the BBC's archive. Purchased shows could be played through the BBC iPlayer website or on other devices via a special app.

But after only 18 months of operation, the BBC announced in May 2017 that it was discontinuing the service as it found it could not compete with other streaming services dominating the market, such as Netflix.

The Store offered either a full refund on already-purchased programmes, or gave existing customers the ability to continue to view them via the app until 1 November 2017, at which point the site was shut off and its content was no longer accessible.


While all the seasons of the new series were released at launch (at that point it was up to Series 9, Peter Capaldi's second year), most but not all the Classic serials were also on offer. The selection featured all the classic Doctors with the exception of Paul McGann. Only some of the Daleks stories were available.

While Hartnell, Troughton and Colin Baker were represented by only a sample of their stories (the list of Troughton stories included animation and tele-snap reconstructions - marked # below), the other Doctors had the majority of their adventures on the Store, but with the following exclusions:

Classic Doctor Who on BBC Store; Radio Times 16 January 2016
The Robot Collection on the BBC store
The Underwater Menace on BBC Store
Animated Power of the Daleks debuts on BBC Store
C Inside the Spaceship 2
F The Aztecs 4
G The Sensorites 6
J Planet of Giants 3
L The Rescue 2
N The Web Planet 6
Q The Space Museum 4
X The Ark 4
Z The Gunfighters 4
BB The War Machines 4
EE The Power of the Daleks 6 #
GG The Underwater Menace 4 #
MM The Tomb of the Cybermen 4
PP The Enemy of the World 6
WW The Krotons 4
XX The Seeds of Death 6
AAA Spearhead from Space 4
BBB Doctor Who and the Silurians 7
CCC The Ambassadors of Death 7
DDD Inferno 7
EEE Terror of the Autons 4
FFF The Mind of Evil 6
GGG The Claws of Axos 4
HHH Colony in Space 6
JJJ The Daemons 5
MMM The Curse of Peladon 4
LLL The Sea Devils 6
NNN The Mutants 6
OOO The Time Monster 6
RRR The Three Doctors 4
PPP Carnival of Monsters 4
QQQ Frontier in Space 6
TTT The Green Death 6
UUU The Time Warrior 4
WWW Invasion of the Dinosaurs 6
YYY The Monster of Peladon 6
ZZZ Planet of the Spiders 6
4A Robot 4
4C The Ark in Space 4
4B The Sontaran Experiment 4
4E Genesis of the Daleks 6
4D Revenge of the Cybermen 4
4H Planet of Evil 4
4G Pyramids of Mars 4
4K The Brain of Morbius 4
4M The Masque of Mandragora 4
4N The Hand of Fear 4
4P The Deadly Assassin 4
4Q The Face of Evil 4
4R The Robots of Death 4
4S The Talons of Weng-Chiang 6
4V Horror of Fang Rock 4
4T The Invisible Enemy 4
4X Image of the Fendahl 4
4W The Sun Makers 4
4Y Underworld 4
4Z The Invasion of Time 6
5A The Ribos Operation 4
5B The Pirate Planet 4
5C The Stones of Blood 4
5D The Androids of Tara 4
5E The Power of Kroll 4
5F The Armageddon Factor 6
5G The Creature from the Pit 4
5K Nightmare of Eden 4
5L The Horns of Nimon 4
5N The Leisure Hive 4
5Q Meglos 4
5R Full Circle 4
5P State of Decay 4
5S Warriors' Gate 4
5T The Keeper of Traken 4
5V Logopolis 4
5Z Castrovalva 4
5W Four to Doomsday 4
5Y Kinda 4
5X The Visitation 4
6A Black Orchid 2
6B Earthshock 4
6C Time-Flight 4
6E Arc of Infinity 4
6D Snakedance 4
6F Mawdryn Undead 4
6G Terminus 4
6J The King's Demons 2
6L Warriors of the Deep 4
6M The Awakening 2
6N Frontios 4
6Q Planet of Fire 4
6R The Caves of Androzani 4
6S The Twin Dilemma 4
6W The Two Doctors 3
7D Time and the Rani 4
7F Delta and the Bannermen 3
7G Dragonfire 3
7L The Happiness Patrol 3
7K Silver Nemesis 3
7J The Greatest Show in the Galaxy 4
7N Battlefield 4
7Q Ghost Light 3
7M The Curse of Fenric 4
7P Survival 3

A couple of further titles were added later, including An Unearthly Child and some of the absent Dalek serials.

Also offered were "Season Bundles". When the service was launched, the complete Classic runs that were available were seasons 7, 8 (Pertwee), 12, 14, 15, 16, 18 (Baker), 19 (Davison) and 26 (McCoy) - i.e. most of the seasons that didn't include at least one of the 'banned' Dalek stories.

A selection of Classic serials and New Series episodes were grouped together and sold as a themed package, such as:

BBC Store was the first online provider to make the newly-animated version of The Power of the Daleks available, with each episode released weekly on the date of its 50th anniversary, from 5 November to 10 December 2016.

To celebrate Tom Baker's birthday on 20 January 2017, the Store offered discounts off his "Season Bundles".

As noted above, the BBC Store was shut off on 1 November 2017