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Twitch screens Doctor Who...
Reaction to the end of The Chase part 6 - "Barbara! We made it! London ... 1965!"

TWITCH is a free live-streaming platform that is accessible world-wide. It is owned by Amazon. It launched in June 2011.

The online platform enabled viewers to 'chat' and post comments as they watched, with the comments scrolling up on the right side of the screen.


Starting from Tuesday, 29 May 2018 through to 24 July 2018, the free platform streamed Doctor Who, Monday to Saturday for seven weeks, with each week dedicated to a classic Doctor in turn. All the classic stories, with the exception of twelve that featured the Daleks, were shown during the marathon.

The only Dalek story that did play was The Chase -- the final scene of which received a delightful reaction from viewers!

Included were the newly-recovered The Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear, with the still-missing part 3 shown by way of the DVD tele-snap reconstruction.

During The Mind Robber, actor Frazer Hines (Jamie) joined the live 'chat' stream.

The Season 22 episodes aired in their 25-minute re-edited versions - with the sole exception of Attack of the Cybermen, which was shown in its original 45-minute / 2-part edit

Prior to the start of each Doctor's run, a half-hour "Yogcast" Pre-Show aired, featuring Doctor Who celebrities, such as Katy Manning, Bob Baker, Paul Cornell and Tom Spilsbury (Doctor Who Magazine) discussing the upcoming episodes.

The following year, an encore marathon streamed for four weeks, all seven days, from 5 to 26 January 2019.

Then, from Sunday, 17 February to Friday, 22 February 2019, Twitch streamed the twelve Dalek stories it was not able to do so earlier.


Doctor Who on Twitch

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