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El Dr Misterio – as Doctor Who was known in Latin America – was sold to South American countries from 1967, with Venezuela and Chile picking up the package of William Hartnell stories that had been dubbed into Spanish.

A package of 23 Tom Baker stories also aired in some South American countries from 1979 onwards - BUT:

The series was later available on various cable and satellite stations, with episodes either dubbed or subtitled.

South America in Doctor Who

Non country specific references to South America have featured in the following stories:

  • Barbara mentions the Andes in Marco Polo
  • Barbara compares Arbitan's pyramid to those made by the Indians of South America (The Keys of Marinus).
  • South America was wiped out by the invading Daleks (The Dalek Invasion of Earth).
  • In The Chase, when they are attacked by a swarm of bats in the haunted house, the Doctor says "Vampire bats are only to be found in South America".
  • When the image of Mondas appears on the screen, Ben spots what looks like South America (The Tenth Planet).
  • In Day of the Daleks reports come in of fighting having broken out in South America and many other regions.
  • De Flores's villa was located in an undisclosed South American country (Silver Nemesis).