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Cable and Satellite Stations

Doctor Who has aired on a number of cable and satellite stations over the years, and this was the only method by which some countries - particularly those in Europe and South America - could view the series on a regular basis (albeit in English).


"Dr Who" repeats on BBC World Service satellite (at 5.55pm), available in Malta in April 1993

From at least September 1976 onwards, all Doctor Who serials had their "foreign" debuts on the British Forces Broadcasting Service (aka BFBS, and later SSVC) in the British Sector of West Germany. However, the BBC considered the audience of this closed-system network to still be part of the UK.

Doctor Who also aired on several domestic UK satellite stations, some independent, some owned by the BBC. They each have their own dedicated pages:


Doctor Who aired on several US cable channels in the 1980s and 1990s, while most of the Canadian broadcasts of the series were on cable:


With the proliferation of satellite transmissions across Europe from the mid-1980s, most countries could receive channels from other parts of the continent and in a variety of different languages. Some countries were even able to receive channels from the Middle East and Asia.

Most European countries were also able to receive the UK stations Super Channel and BBC Prime, while one digital satellite station was established solely for the Scandinavian market:


Doctor Who aired briefly on two South American-based satellite stations:


Doctor Who screened on Australia's FOXTEL / UKTV from 1 August 1996.