The Mind of Evil

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Story Code: FFF / Season 8 UK Airdate: 30 Jan to 6 Mar 1971 Doctor: Jon Pertwee
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This story aired in the following known countries. They are listed in chronological order according to known airdate. If no month is noted, the actual airdate is not confirmed, and is a close approximate. (Refer also to Selling Doctor Who for expanded airdates.)

United States Sep 72 NTSC
Guam Feb 74 NTSC
Philippines 76 NTSC
Saudi Arabia Sep 77? b/w
Korea (South) Jan 78 NTSC
  • When the story was classified A by the censors in Australia in August 1971 and therefore didn't screen, the serial (in b/w) was then not able to be sold to any other Commonwealth country, such as New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Gibraltar.
  • The only sales were to non-Commonwealth countries that broadcast in NTSC or black and white.
  • It was not sold anywhere in its original PAL format. The tapes had been wiped by 1973.
  • The story may have been dubbed into Arabic.
  • The last known screening of the serial was on the Qube cable station in Ohio in August 1978. What happened to those NTSC colour tapes afterwards is unknown.

All known airings in the United States (either compilation or just part 6.)
last airing station city
24 Aug 1978 Qube Columbus, Ohio
8 July 1978 Qube Columbus, Ohio
21 Mar 1978 WNED Buffalo
13 Feb 1978 IPBN Iowa
28 Dec 1977 WVIA Scranton
7 Dec 1977 WNED Buffalo
16 May 1977 WXXI Rochester
22 Nov 1976 WXXI Rochester
16 Oct 1976 KCET Los Angeles
31 July 1976 WGBH Boston
3 Feb 1976 KCET Los Angeles
12 Jan 1976 WTTW Chicago
14 Dec 1975 WFTV Orlando
14 Nov 1975 WTTW Chicago
17 Aug 1974 IPBN Iowa
10 Mar 1974 KRON San Francisco
16 Aug 1973 WJXT Jacksonville
3 Oct 1972 WPHL Philadelphia


The "censored" Mind of Evil finally airs in Australia in April 1986
  • In its black and white format, it was re-released in early 1985 as part of a package of all 24 Jon Pertwee stories sold to the United States.
  • The serial also aired for the first time in:
New Zealand Aug 85 b/w
Australia Apr 86 b/w
Canada Mar 90 b/w
Ireland Jan 00 b/w
  • When UK Gold screened the Pertwee stories in 1993, they were screened episodically followed by a movie compilation, however this story could only be supplied as an Omnibus, so UK Gold re-cut it into six parts, creating new and different cliffhanger endings to conclude parts 1 and 4 - i.e. 'part 1' now concluded with Dr Summers' statement that Kettering had "drowned in the middle of a perfectly dry room..." - ksshhhhhhhh - ooo-wee-ooo.. , while 'part 4' now ended with the Keller machine killing Vosper and dematerialising...

US TV Guide descriptions (1970s Pertwees)

More Information
Title: Mind of Evil

  • Episode 1: Dr. Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of criminals, but the machine providing the answers is going to cause a lot of trouble.
  • Episode 2: The prisoners revolt when the truth machine is used on them.
  • Episode 3: The Master strikes again.
  • Episode 4: Look out, aliens! Dr. Who is out to destroy every evil creature inside the truth machine.
  • Episode 5: The mind machine vs. The Master and Dr. Who.
  • Episode 6: The Master offers a trade for the circuit to his mind machine.

US TV Guide descriptions

More Information
Title: Mind of Evil

  • Episode 1: A mind machine containing an alien parasite causes problems for Dr. Who.
  • Episode 2: The prisoners revolt when the truth machine is used on them.
  • Episode 3: The Master strikes again.
  • Episode 4: Dr. Who sets out to destroy the parasite in the mind machine.
  • Episode 5: The Master and Dr. Who join forces against the mind machine.
  • Episode 6: A hijacked missile figures into The Master's plan for escape.
  • Compilation: Dr. Who battles a mind machine that contains an evil alien parasite.