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BBC TV listing in a Spanish newspaper: Dr Who Survival at 8.35pm (this is part 1, 22 November 1989)

The United Kingdom covers England, Wales, Scotland, the Channel Islands and Northern Ireland, all of which receive BBC signals by transmitter relay.

BBC signals are also available in parts of the Republic of Ireland, while during the 1960s and 70s some viewers in coastal areas of Belgium, France and the Netherlands were also able to view (usually poor) BBC signals coming across the English channel.

From the mid-1980s, BBC broadcasts -- including Doctor Who -- were seen "live" in certain countries in Europe via cable link and satellite feed (with the timeslots adjusted to allow for the different time zones).

Doctor Who was also available on a number of cable and satellite channels owned and operated by the BBC itself -- see our dedicated BBC page and the list below.

Several other independent cable and satellite and online platforms also screened Doctor Who -- see our dedicated Cable and Satellite page and the list below.