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PORTUGAL lies on the Iberian peninsula, to the west of Spain.

"A fantastic adventure, in a climate of terrifying action! An emotional and spectacular vision of the future, in which even the most audacious of men trembled in terror!" The second Dalek film was shown in regional cinemas in Portugal; Jornal de Lousada, 24 November 1970

The classic TV series did not screen on any local Portuguese television stations, but the series was known through other means:


Peter Cushing and the Daleks

The first of the two Peter Cushing Dalek movies was not released in Portugal. But the sequel was submitted to the Portuguese film registration board in August 1968.

We checked all available online issues of the Diario de Lisboa (Lisbon Diary) from late 1968 to 1971, but we could not find any listings for the film being shown in any cinemas in the capital.

We did however locate a single entry in the 24 November 1970 edition of Jornal de Lousada, a town in the north of the country, which suggests perhaps the film was only ever shown in smaller regional centres.

The subtitled movie - under the title "A Invasão da Terra" (Invasion of Earth) - was shown at the Cine-Teatro S. Martinho in Penafiel (a town to the south of Lousada) on 3 December 1970.

This was a double-bill with "Os Mosqueteiros do Oeste" (which, based on the named cast, appears to be the 1955 western Kentucky Rifle). The screening had a "12" age restriction.

The first film did become available on the Spanish / Portuguese pay cable / satellite station Canal Hollywood - screening in April and June 2000 (and possibly other dates). Since the station carried two audio channels, one in Spanish, the other in Portuguese, the film was likely shown in English with Portuguese subtitles. (Since Spain is one hour 'ahead' of Portugal, the start times in each country were different.)

On 18 March 2009, the Dalek sequel was released on DVD in Spain by StudioCanal / Universal; this Spanish-dubbed version had Portuguese subtitles.


In 1982, Editorial Presença, published the first of ten Portuguese translations of Target novelisations as part of their "Colecção Andrómeda" range; the other nine were published in 1983:

Gallery of Portuguese Target adaptations (in story order)
Wraparound cover of The Zarbi

These paperbacks featured unique wrap-around artwork covers.

The books retained all the internal illustrations (the Target fonts and interior layout were preserved). (In Dia dos Daleks, the Daleks chant "Será exterminado!", which is "He will be exterminated!")

On Television

From 24 March 1987, Doctor Who was available in Portugal on the British satellite station Super Channel, and in the early / mid-1990s on BBC World Service Television Europe, later rebranded as BBC Prime.

The Azores group of islands - an autonomous territory of Portugal - was the location of the United States Air Force's Lajes Field base. Circa 1986, Doctor Who was shown there via the US Armed Forces AFRTS closed-circuit station.

And in the north of Portugal, viewers in the major city of Porto (and no doubt other towns close to the border with Spain) could receive signals from the Galician station TVG. Between February 1988 and September 1991, TVG aired and repeated several dubbed Tom Baker stories under the title "Doutor Who". (The Galician language shares much with Portuguese.)

The German station RTL Plus was also available from the late 1980s: dubbed episodes of Doctor Who aired on that channel starting in 1989.

According to ITV's Teletext service, it was announced in mid-1996 that Portugal was one of several countries to show an interest in purchasing the Paul McGann TV Movie, but as far as we have been able to tell, no local TV stations broadcast the film - although it was later released on VHS (see below).

Super Channel listing - "Doutor Who" at 7.30pm; O Comércio do Porto, 21 September 1987
The Spanish station TVG was available in northern Portugal - "Doutor Who" aired at 6.30pm; O Comércio do Porto, 28 February 1988


There appears to have been a Portugal VHS release of the TV Movie in 1997. The box cover may have had the title "O DOUTOR" on it, but we have not been able to track down an image of the packaging to confirm exactly how the tape was stylised.

This subtitled tape was released by MCA/Universal/CIC Video and Edivideo Edição e Produção de Video LDA, based in Lisbon, most likely for the Rental market only. It had a M/12 certificate.

The 1999 DVD release of the special re-edit of The Five Doctors had Portuguese as a subtitle language option (although it's not known whether the DVD was actually sold in Portugal):

Five Doctors subtitled

And as noted above, the 2009 DVD of the second Peter Cushing / Dalek movie that was released in Spain had Portuguese subtitles.

Portugal in Doctor Who