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Classic Doctor Who did not air on any local terrestrial stations in ISRAEL, but the series was available there in other ways.

Dalek Movies

An undated article clipping from an unnamed Israeli newspaper found online refers to the first movie. This was illustrated with a photo of Roy Castle and Jennie Linden, and claims the production is made up of clips from the TV series! It says Terry Nation is 34 years old, which places the clipping to be from circa 1965. (דאלקים = Daleks)

While the first film might not have been shown, the second of the two Dalek movies was certainly released to cinemas in 1966 under the translated title "הפלישה לכדור הארץ" (Invasion of the Earth) [Hebrew text reads right to left].

The poster here names the Matmid cinema (מתמיד) in Tel Aviv. The white text along the bottom פיטר קושינג . רוברטה טוביי is Roberta Tovey . Peter Cushing

Undated article about the new Dalek movie
Dalek Invasion of Earth poster, Tel Aviv


Jerusalem Post has listings for Jordan TV in 1981 (Doctor Who not included in this example)

In the early 1980s (at least), the Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post carried listings for some of the Jordan TV stations, which indicates that transmission signals could be received from that neighbouring country; Doctor Who aired there in short runs in the late 1960s (in Arabic) and the early 1980s (in English).

It's possible that signals from Lebanon could also be received; Doctor Who screened briefly in 1977 in English.

From June 2000, the series could be viewed on BBC Prime. The New Series commenced in January 2006, under the title "דוקטור הו". It was on various YES channels, and later BBC Entertainment.

Israel in Doctor Who

  • The Crusade is set in 12th century Palestine; the cities of Jerusalem, Ashkelon, Ramla and Acre are mentioned.
  • Romana finds the jaw-bone of an ass in the TARDIS number four hold; this is presumably the one used by Samson in the war against the Philistines (The Creature from the Pit).
  • Nitza Saul (Karina in Warriors of the Deep) was born in Tel Aviv.