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  • 19 December: The cover for the "Dr Who y los Daleks" VHS that was released in Spain in 1984 now added.


  • 29 November: Were you in an American fan club? Help compile a list here.
  • 22 November: Connecticut Public Television is split into two pages: WEDH and WEDW.
  • 16 November: WPSX is updated.
  • 14 November: The first five years of episodes for WGBY are added.
  • 13 November: Update to Germany to record recent run of repeats on channel One.
  • 3 November: Updates to Connecticut Public Television.


  • 18 October: Slipback again! The two 'unidentified' stations probably aren't the US...
  • 16 October: Further airings of Slipback have come to light; profile updated again!
  • 9 October: The radio serial Slipback was broadcast over the BBC's World Service network in 1986, so its reach was far greater than originally profiled; we've updated the page to include some BBC WS listings. (And we've now solved the mystery surrounding that strange billing that appeared in a Malaysia newspaper.)


  • 26 September: General updates to Portugal (to include further screening dates for second Cushing movie, and to add The Robots of Death VHS. Updates also made to various other pages to expand Cushing film coverage.
  • 4 September: We've expanded the profile page for India to include some info about the Peter Cushing films.


  • 2 August: A couple of 'tweeks' to the recent France update to clarify some points regarding The Ark in Space...
  • 1 August: Major update to France; a set of French TV listings magazines has been found online; these give story titles for the 1989 run of Tom Baker episodes, and provide further listings for the TV Movie and the Peter Cushing films.
  • Also updated Luxembourg, Portugal and Spain to add additional details about the TV Movie and Peter Cushing movies.


  • 18 July: Turns out the series was shown on a regional basis in Yugoslavia; screenings in 1987 now added.
  • 14 July: We've created new profiles for Croatia and Slovenia (where the TV Movie was shown), and revised the profile on Yugoslavia to accommodate.


  • 6 June: NEW profile added for Syria, where a poster for the second Peter Cushing movie was found.
  • 6 June: Updates to Hungary (to add the Peter Cushing movies, and other general info), and Germany (to clarify what happened to the Pertwee screenings that were planned for 1991...)


  • 29 May: Updates to Norway, Sweden and Finland: new info regarding VHS releases added.
  • 27 May: The TV Movie was first shown on UK TV 25 years ago. We've been trying to catalogue all the known foreign editions that were released on VHS: so far more than 15 have been identified, and there are likely to be more...



  • 8 March: Spain and Portugal: coverage of the Peter Cushing movies has been expanded.


Or that's what we thought, but it turns out that bar a handful (due to extra-special circumstances) all those fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh Doctor series had their foreign premieres in West Germany! Although the German broadcaster RTL-Plus began screening McCoy episodes in late 1989, those episodes - and a whole lot more - had already been aired in parts of West Germany by the British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS), which operated a closed-system television network that was available only at British military bases dotted around the country. The McCoy stories were also shown by the BFBS on the Falkland Islands.

  • 19 February 2021: This is our tenth anniversary. The site was officially launched on 19 February 2011 at the Gallifrey One convention in Los Angeles. A big Thank you to all our readers and supporters - and an even bigger special Thank you to our contributors - see the very long list on the Main Page. We couldn't have done this without you.
  • This website turns TEN on 19 February. We were going to have a party with cake, balloons and clowns, but that's been scrapped due to COVID. Instead, each day over the next ten days we'll be Tweeting a "Fun Fact" highlighting something of interest that was discovered during research. On the tenth day, we'll be uploading a new profile - that of a previously unfamiliar broadcaster who was actually the first to... Well, that would be telling!


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