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  • 30 October: Some airdates for WBFF added.
  • 27 October: Airdates for KUAT added.
  • 19 October: Airdates for WPTD added.
  • 14 October: Airdates for WNIN added.
  • 12 October: Six years ago, on 11 October 2013, the two lost Patrick Troughton serials The Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear became available to purchase online via iTunes. To celebrate, we have added a new profile page for the online provider. (We will be adding profiles for other Online Services in the coming weeks.)




  • 31 July: BroaDWcast has been moved to a new server. If you've got us saved as a Bookmark, please update to our new URL. (Redirects are in place to point from the old to the new address.)
  • 13 July: The complete run on WKAR has been identified.
  • 13 July: Following on from our recent Canada Day updates, we bring the latest in our Before Doctor Who features. 66 years ago this week the nascent CBC network agreed to screen an upcoming 6-part SF thriller, the first episode of which was due to be broadcast live in the UK on 18 July 1953. But something happened, and the Canadian screenings never took place. We take a look at Quatermass - The Canadian Connection...

  • 1 July: It's Canada Day! To celebrate, we'll be updating a number of our Canada pages over the next 24 hours - Stay tuned!
    • First up, it's CKVU in Vancouver; we have found a number of additional early morning listings up to the beginning of 1983, as well as a handful of listings with story titles. We also investigate where the recovered tapes of Inferno came from ...
    • We've deleted the old "Other Canadian Stations" page, but moved the contents to their own pages at CPN and CITV
    • There's a brand new page for BBC Kids, which aired a ten year run of repeats in the 2000s
    • TVOntario: Some new newspapers clippings. We've fixed a number of errors in the airdates listings (there were a lot more repeats than we thought!), plus added full details of the dubbed serials that also aired on the French-language channel, La Chaîne Française
    • YTV: Fully revised, now with a full summary of what aired and when, new Airdates page, and lots of new press clippings


  • 24 June: Some further additions to the Korea (South) page: we've identified a third Korean comic strip.
  • 17 June: Major update to Korea (South): we now have clippings of the Korean TV listings which give the story titles (the ones stated on the Korean version of Wikipedia are incorrect); we identify the Korean actor who dubbed Jon Pertwee, and reveal a rare Korean comic strip based on the series!
  • 15 June: We've added a profile page for the new streaming service Pluto TV.
  • 8 June: Medium-sized update to the WTVS airdates table.
  • 5 June: Big update to WHA.




  • 31 March: Most gaps in New Jersey Network airdates page are filled in. NJN showed K-9 and Company four times, probably the most of any station.
  • 29 March: WKPC in Louisville began airing Doctor Who two years earlier than previously thought.
  • 26 March: Big update to WFSU.
  • 23 March: The Five Doctors aired on WLJT in Lexington, TN. Did any other episode air?
  • 22 March: An Indianapolis-based update: WFYI and WTBU. Channel 69, an independent station, aired the TV movie twice.
  • 17 March: Airdates for WMFE in Orlando are added. A page for WKCF in Orlando is added, but it's likely a false alarm.
  • 14 March: Airdates for KCOS in El Paso, TX are added. The listings for South Carolina Educational Television‎ are updated.
  • 9 March: KOCV in Odessa, TX is added. Was KOCV really that indifferent to Doctor Who?


  • 19 February: It's our eighth birthday! We missed the party because we were at the library looking at more newspapers.
  • 5 February: We've added details for the Tom Baker omnibus screenings on the American Forces Network AFRTS station in Iceland. [ADDENDA: 11 Feb: Some further info has subsequently come to hand, so we've made a few additional updates to this page.]

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