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  • 5 November: K43AJ in Arkansas is added. It is the only known low-power station in the US to show Doctor Who.


  • 29 October: An additional run of repeats in 1977-78 has been confirmed for Canada station TVOntario. Profile and Airdates table pages have been updated. We've also updated the CKVU Vancouver profile and added some new notes to its airdates table.
  • 1 October: We now have newspaper clippings for the Tom Baker stories shown in Jordan; the Profile and Airdates pages have been revised.
  • 1 October: Update to Bahrain, with some additional airdates found for the Tom Baker stories in 1982.


  • 27 August: Episode titles for the Saturday night airings in 1980 for OETA added.
  • 8 August: Some episode titles added to the KUHT, KQED, KETC, WLIW and OETA airdates tables.



  • 2 April: We've still don't have any airdates, but we've updated the page to report that the Hartnells aired several times on a regional basis in Saudi Arabia.


  • 29 March: Major update to Hong Kong, with the addition of some new newspaper clippings, and the text adjusted accordingly.
  • 25 March: Major update to Gibraltar; brand new newspaper scans have been added, and the text adjusted accordingly.


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