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The TV Movie aired on LNK at 20.50pm; listing from Kurier Wileński, 24-30 April 1999

LITHUANIA is one of the Baltic states in north-eastern Europe, bordered by Poland and Russia.

The TV Movie (subtitled?) was screened on local station LNK on Sunday, 25 April 1999 from 20.50pm to 22.20pm as listed in the Lithuanian newspaper, Kurier Wileński, dated 24-30 April 1999. Being a Polish-language paper, the movie was billed as "Doktor Who".

According to the IMDB, the TV Movie was shown in Lithuania on Friday, 25 July 2003; if this date is correct, then presumaby it was a repeat. We do not have access to Lithuanian newspapers for that date to confirm this.

The "Dr Who" Night Club in Klaipėda

The New Series was available on BBC Entertainment (Europe); it is known as "Daktaras Kas".

Lithuania took part in the worldwide simulcast of The Day of the Doctor on 23 November 2013, taking its signal feed from the Russian station NRK.

Dr Who Night Club

Located on Naujojo Sodo St, in Klaipėda, Lithuania, is the "DR WHO NAKTINIS KLUBAS", a night-club / disco. But despite the similar name, it has no direct connection to the TV series.

Lithuania in Doctor Who

  • Lord Cranleigh thought Alzarius was a "Baltic bit"; Lithuania is one of the Baltic states (Black Orchid).