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DOMINICA is a small island in the Caribbean, not to be confused with Dominican Republic.

BBC Records

In The Eighties - THE LOST CHAPTERS, a sale of "(7)" stories is recorded for Dominica, prior to February 1987.

However, it's not clear if this is a reference to Dominica, the Commonwealth island nation of that name, or an abbreviation for Dominican Republic, a much larger, Spanish-speaking nation, also in the Caribbean, which had apparently screened William Hartnell stories back in the late 1960s.

Dominica does not have its own terrestrial television service, but does have cable television (such as Marpin TV) plus feeds from the United States and other Caribbean nations, and therefore might not have been one of the nine Caribbean countries to which the series had been on offer to in 1985 – see CARIBBEAN SALES for more on that event.

Of note, Dominica is close to the island of Saint Lucia which had a cable feed from the Barbados television station CBC. During 1985 and 1986 a run of 11 Tom Baker stories aired in Barbados and St Lucia. If Dominica had a cable feed from Saint Lucia, it's possible Dominica got "7" of the stories, and had to pay accordingly.

It's also possible that if Dominica also had a cable feed from the Bahamas, the "7" stories might be the same or part of the short run of (presumably) Tom Baker stories (maybe only five or six) that aired in Nassau from June to November 1986.

One Dominican newspaper was checked for 1985 to 1987, but there were no TV listings published.